1st Early Career Researchers Virtual Conference 


September 24, 2020

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A double-session event in which the following amazing ECR speakers present their research topics in 10 minutes:

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Israt Ali

Israt Ali Pic (1).jpg

PhD student

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Presentation title

Complex shaped Gold nanoparticles and their Aerogels for Human Breath Sensing

Mr. Israt Ali is currently a Ph.D. student at Slovak Academy of Sciences. He has done his MS from Chinese Academy of Sciences. (2016-2019). During his MS he worked on gold nanoparticles synthesis, their 2-D monolayer films at interface and their composite aerogels for sensing application. In 2019 July he worked as an intern at University of Bourgogne, France on  bionanomaterials. He paid lab visits at University of Pavia, Italy. He won the Nanoscale advances award for presenting his work in VCAN, India. He is acting as reviewer for Malaysian Journal of Science.

Sarah Banville


PhD student

Waterford Institute of Technology

Presentation title

Sports Governance in Ireland: What does it look like?

I am a PhD scholarship student at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Ireland. I am in my second year and hope to finish in early 2023. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sport Management, and this degree was also completed at WIT. Sport has always been my passion, so to study both business and sport together was the ideal opportunity for me. I think the business of sport is an integral part of the cogwheel in the industry of sport and thus, my progression to study sports governance was only natural. 


Suparna Bagchi

pic suparna (1) (1).jpg

PhD candidate and Doctoral Teaching Assistant

University of Plymouth

Presentation title

Enacting and Implementing Multiculturalism in

Primary Schools of Plymouth

I am presently working as a Doctoral Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Education, Plymouth University, UK. My job involves teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of Education Studies. I am presently researching the  implementation of multiculturalism in primary schools in Plymouth. I am a trained compassionate ambassador
and a certified faith speaker. I hope to pursue a career in academia after completing my PhD.

Fernando A. García-Bastidas 


Postdoctoral researcher

KeyGene Wageningen

Presentation title

Identification of resistant to Fuarium Tropical race 4

Colombian Agronomist Master in Plant Biotechnology and PhD in Plant Sciences (Phytopathology and plant breeding). For 7  years  worked as an associate researcher at the National Coffee Research Center of Colombia (Cenicafé) in the coffee breeding  program. During the same period, University lecturer (2 years). Since 2012, focused on the Fusarium-Banana pathosystem, causal agent of the Panama disease in Banana at Wageningen University & Research. where I completed a doctorate at the former Plant Research Institute (PRI), Currently  postdoctoral researcher/breeder in the banana program at Keygene in Wageningen, The Netherlands. 


Ntasha Bhardwaj



South Asian Institute of Crime and Justice Studies

Presentation title

Exploring Pathways to Incarceration among Indian and

Sri Lankan Women

Ntasha Bhardwaj is a doctoral candidate at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University and Founder at South Asian Institute of Crime and Justice Studies. As a researcher she explores the impact of gender and gender inequality on crime and fear of crime in South Asia. Her dissertation project, Exploring Pathways to Incarceration among Indian and Sri Lankan Women is a mixed methods study investigating the pre-prison lives and experiences of 180 women incarcerated in India and Sri Lanka. Ntasha’s research agenda is anchored in the goal to build on the limited yet growing criminal justice research in the South Asian context. She has received two awards from the Division on Women and Crime, American Society of Criminology for her dissertation research. As a teacher, she has gained five years of experience at Rutgers  University. Her research has been published in the Journal of Research on Crime and Delinquency and the European Journal of Criminology. She has presented her work at the American Society of Criminology Annual Meetings, XXXIV International Post Graduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice and at the St. Xavier’s Psychology Honors Seminar. She has worked with Vera Institute of Justice, National Council for Research
on Women and the Rutgers Marriage Equality Project to  conceptualize and conduct different research projects.

Ryan Brown


PhD student

Rice University

Presentation title

Grief, Inflammation, and Depression

Ryan is a fourth year PhD student in Psychological Sciences at Rice University. Her research focuses on the biological mechanisms through which psychological stress (e.g., bereavement, spousal caregiving) dysregulates the immune, autonomic, and endocrine systems. You can read more about Ryan’s work at ryanlinnbrown.com.


Chalisa Chintrakarn

Photo_Chalisa Chintrakarn (1).jpg

PhD candidate 

University of Birmingham

Presentation title

The Intersection of Gender and Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Chalisa Chintrakarn is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her research interests are concerned with beauty, gender, social media, and Southeast Asia. Her PhD project is on the gendered narratives of young Thai women about their cosmetic surgery experiences. Chalisa received a BSocSc degree in Culture, Society and Media from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan; and a MA in Digital Culture and Society from King’s College London. While in Japan, she was a teaching assistant in the modules of Cultural Studies and Introduction to Area Studies in Southeast Asia.

Alma Diamond


Doctoral candidate

New York University Law

Presentation title

Law beyond the State?

 Alma is a doctoral candidate at NYU Law, where she is working under the supervision of Professor Jeremy Waldron on issues in general jurisprudence and public law. Her scholarly interests span contract theory and law, constitutional law, and ethics. At NYU Law, Alma has previously served as Senior Articles Editor at the NYU Review of Law and Social Change, and is currently a co-chair of the African Law Association.


Frazer Ellinor


PhD candidate

University of Kent

Presentation title

Common myths of autism held by student teachers and how to effectively debunk them using technology

I am an autism specialist teacher who has taught in the field of Special Educational Needs (SEN) for over a decade. This has included classroom teaching at an SEN school, conducting pupil assessments and referrals for diagnosis, delivering CPD training to different schools, as well as delivering knowledge and skills sessions to trainee teachers at a local university. In 2018 I completed my MEd degree in 'Inclusion and Special Educational Needs' (This presentation is based on my research dissertation.) I am currently a PhD student on the 'Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities' programme at the University of Kent, where I am researching gender stereotypes of autism and how these impact on diagnosis and provision within educational settings.

Tomás Gabriel García-Micó


PhD candidate

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Presentation title

Surgical robots - Allocating tort liability

Mr. Tomás Gabriel García-Micó is a registered Spanish lawyer and currently a Ph.D. of Law candidate, with a disseration on the intersections between law and new surgical technologies (i.e., surgical robots) from a comparative law perspective. Aside from that he teaches several courses of the Law, Economics and Labor Relations degrees (both tutorials and lectures). As of today, he has been visiting research at the China-EU School of Law (Beijing,
September 2019) and at the Dickson Poon School of Law of King's College London (London, January-April 2020) under the supervision of Prof. Roger Brownsword, member of the TELOS research group.


Idit Goldfracht


Postdoctoral researcher


Presentation title

Development of an engineered human heart tissue model

from human stem cells derived cardiomyocytes

Idit completed her B.Sc studies (cum Laude) in Biotechnology and Food Engineering at the Technion, and her Ph.D research was conducted at Prof. Lior Gepstein lab in the Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion as well. Idit's PhD research focused on stem cells, tissue engineering, and heart’s electrophysiology. The results of her PhD studies won her several awards, and led to high impact publications in leading peer-review journals such as Nature communications. Idit is currently a postdoc in the Technion, where she is continuing her research in the field of tissue engineering.

Elena Hill-Artamonova


PhD student

Manchester Metropolitan University

Presentation title

The role and effects of personality on prejudice and aggression

Elena Hill-Artamonova is a psychology PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University with background in anthropology, politics and social psychology. Her current research is a Cross-Cultural comparative study of Dark Triad and Big Five personality model in relation to Prejudice and Aggression.


Dimitrios Kafteranis

dimitrios_kafteranis_ (1) (1).jpg

PhD candidate

University of Luxembourg

Presentation title

Discovering and understanding the whistle-blower

Dimitrios Kafteranis is a PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg, working on the legal protection of whistle-blowers in the EU banking and financial sector. Dimitrios studied English language and literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and completed a Master in European and International Studies at the University of Makedonia (Greece). He graduated
with an LL.M. in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law from the University of Luxembourg in 2016. Prior to joining his PhD programme, Dimitrios was a trainee and assistant of Judge Vilaras at the CJEU. During his PhD research, Dimitrios was an academic visitor at Trinity College Dublin, University of Antwerp, and Commercial Law Centre, University of Oxford.

Ayşenur Karabulut


PhD candidate

University of Sussex

Presentation title

Building Digital Bridges Between Theatre and Psychology

to Facilitate Self-Development in Childhood

Ayşenur Karabulut is a final year PhD candidate at the University of Sussex in Media and Film. She obtained her BA in Preschool Teaching Education and MAs in Family Education and Counselling at the Dokuz Eylül University and Educational Studies at the University of Warwick. Ayşenur is an artist-researcher interested in
interdisciplinary creative and critical practice informed by the theories of media, pedagogy, psychology and performance. In her doctoral study, she focuses on designing process-based and child-led approaches to theatre by blending the tools of play with digital media to enhance the theatre-making experience and foster self-
development in childhood and adolescence.


Omer Markovitch


Postdoctoral fellow

University of Groningen

Presentation title

Origins of Life: Can Chemistry be alive?

Omer Markovitch (Ph.D., Weizmann Institute) is a postdoctoral fellow of the Dutch Origins Center. His research tries to bridge between chemistry and biology, by learning principles related

to the emergent behaviour we call ‘life’. This is achieved by

looking at different classes of synthetic chemical replicators,

RNA and bacteria.

Visit Omer's homepage

Christine Marie Mills


PhD candidate

Queen's University

Presentation title

Nutritional Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Christine (Chris) Mills is a registered dietitian and PhD candidate in Aging and Health at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. She holds a Master of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Toronto. Working as a dietitian in primary care she saw gaps in the care provided to older adults and wanted to explore ways to improve that care. This led to a desire to pursue doctoral studies focusing on nutritional risk in community-dwelling older
adults and exploring innovative ways of providing nutrition and dietetic services to older adults in primary care. Her dissertation research examines the nutrition and food-related outcomes of a novel aging-in-place program, including changes in nutritional risk and nutritional status. Her research also explores factors related to nutritional risk in community-dwelling older adults. Chris currently resides in Germany with her husband and their four Sphynx cats.


Léna Remy-Kovach


PhD candidate and Lecturer

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Presentation title

Strategies for Healing and Survivance in Contemporary

Indigenous Wonderworks

Léna Remy-Kovach (she/her) is a Ph.D. candidate and lecturer at the University of Freiburg, Germany. She holds B.A.s in both English and Italian Studies and an M.A. in American History from the Université de Strasbourg, France, as well as an M.A. in Indigenous and Canadian Studies from Carleton University, Canada. Her thesis focuses on strategies for healing in contemporary horror and gothic Indigenous literature. Other
research projects include the commodification of Indigenous monsters in Euro-American horror television series, and the imagery of hunger and cannibalism in recent Young Adult fiction by Indigenous writers. She teaches Indigenous literatures, history, and Cultural Studies at the Department of North American Studies in Freiburg.

Norman van Rhijn


PhD candidate

University of Manchester

Presentation title

Fungal shapeshifting meets drug resistance

Norman is a research associate at the Manchester Fungal Infection Group at the University of Manchester. After obtaining his Bachelors at Leiden University, he moved to Manchester for a Master in Mycology at the University Hospital of South Manchester. He did his PhD at the University of Manchester in molecular biology. His main interest is the relevance of fungal fitness (with a focus on Aspergillus fumigatus) and different growth phenotypes in pathogenesis and drug resistance. By using large scale screening methodologies paired with optimised CRISPR-Cas9 protocols, large libraries of fungal isolates can be screened for a wide range of characteristics.


Gal Rosenzweig


PhD student

Bar Ilan University

Presentation title

Eye movements based judicial fact finding process

PhD student 'Judicial Eye movement based fact finding process', Criminal prosecutor in central district Israel, half part time lector in Law faculty, Tel Aviv University 're-evaluating scientific evidence', military judge in the occupied territories in reserve duty.

Rasha Shanaz

RashaShanaz-F (1).jpeg

PhD student

Bharathidasan University

Presentation title

Building Brains on Circuit Boards


Rasha Shanaz is a PhD student of Theoretical Physics at Bharathidasan University, India. She works on Chaos Theory and uses Machine Learning to predict patterns in chaotic systems like climate, society and the brain. In addition to developing algorithms, she tries to build Artificial Neural Networks using electronic circuits. She is passionate about art and languages and hopes to use them to bring science to a larger audience. When she is not coding away on her computer, she reads, paints, stargazes or writes to-do lists! 


Ronen Shehman

Ronen Pic (1).jpg

PhD student

University of Haifa

Presentation title

Sex (and Age) on the Bench - the Influence of Judges' Gender

and Age on Verdicts of Sex Crime Cases

Ronen is a Ph.D. student at the School of Criminology - University of Haifa, Israel, under the supervision of Prof. Orna Rabinovich-Einy - Faculty of Law, and Dr. Avital Mentovich - School of Criminology. He is a member of the IDIT scholarship honors program for outstanding Ph.D. students in the Social Sciences. Ronen holds a Masters of Criminology with honors from the University of Haifa, and an LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws). Ronen is interested in the interaction between human behavior, crime, and criminal justice. His research is located at the intersection of social-psychology and law as he explores the psychosocial mechanism of the way in which implicit biases underlie the process of decision-making. In his current research, Ronen investigates how sexism and gender biases shape and systematically influence the decision-making of judges, other actors of the criminal justice system, and the general public.

Oana-Maria Stefanescu


Doctoral candidate and Research Assistant

McGill University

Presentation title

On Treating Like Cases Alike and the Circulation of Legal Reasoning among National and International Adjudicative Bodies - Reinterpreting the Practice of Cross-Jurisdictional Referencing

Oana-Maria Stefanescu is a doctoral candidate and research assistant at McGill University, Faculty of Law (Montreal, Canada). Her dissertation explores cross-citation practices among national and international courts and tribunals, aiming to deconstruct and reinterpret common dogmas about adjudication. Oana obtained an LLM from the same institution with a focus on international investment arbitration (2018) and completed the ICC Summer Course in International Commercial Arbitration (2019). She holds a BCL degree from West University of Timisoara, Romania (2016). Her research interests include legal theory, tech law and the rights and culture of ethnic minorities in the Balkan region. Oana is the recipient of several fellowships and awards, such as the Aubrey Senez Fellowship in Law, the Yves Fortier International Arbitration Graduate Award, and Graduate Excellence Awards. In the past, she
has acted as Senior and Executive editor at the McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution.

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