Why Manchester United in Pidgin?
(Wally Shannon Mbassi Elong)
Episode notes:

Wally Shannon Mbassi Elong from Cameroon wanted to be a translator. That was his dream from the age of 11 and his mother supported that dream until he finished high-school and had to make a career choice. She forced him to go into advertisement and that completely shuffled his plans. Listen to the episode and find out how he ended up doing a PhD at London Metropolitan University, in Media and Communication about Football Fandom, Glocalisation and a social media group called Man United in Pidgin.


In this episode Danni chats with Wally about this decision to move to the UK, what 'Glocalisation' means and the lonely elements of doing a PhD, and why he decided to take part in our video compilation where PhD students from all over the world answered the question "Why am I doing a PhD?". In this episode Danni drank her Amaretto and Wally drank a raspberry juice.


Host: Danni Reches (@DanniReches)

Producer and Editor: Ido Rosenzweig (@IdoRosenzweig)

Wally's twitter account: @IdolKiller92


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Enjoy the episode!

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