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Episode 41 - Let's talk about Porn
(With Farnosh Mazandarani)
Episode notes:

Warning: This episode contains explicit language, descriptions of sexual activity and references to porn. Listener's discretion is advised.


Welcome to the opening episode of season 3. In this episode we host Porn researcher - Farnosh Mazandarani.


In part 1 of the episode:

Farnosh talks about her life as a daughters of Iranian immigrants in the United States, and about being first generation academic in her family. Farnosh also talks about her journey from checking the content on MTV, Nickelodeon, and Disney to doing a master degree on the influence of sexual content on teens, and her ongoing PhD research on popular porn.

In part 2 of the episode:

We continue our talk with Farnosh Mazandarani exactly where we left of. Farnosh goes deeper into her porn research and explains what is popular porn and what is the most popular genera of popular porn that she's looking into. Farnosh also talks about the importance of researching popular porn due to its effects over everyone's life regardless of being an active porn viewer. Apart from talking about that, Farnosh also talks about her additional activities, including her very successful online writing group "accountabilibuddies".



The title of Farnosh's PhD: Title: A Longitudinal Content Analysis on Sexual Partner Viability and Familiarity in Popular Pornography in Association to Technological Advancement from The Golden Age of Pornography to the Internet Age.


In the second part, Farnosh talks about the finding of her research, the importance of researching popular porn and her online writing group "accountabilibuddies"

You can follow Farnosh on her:

Website: https://www.farnosh.com

Twitter: @FarnoshMaz

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Enjoy the episode!