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Episode 43 - The Confidential PhD 
(With Sara Iacopetti)
Episode notes:

Meet Dr. Sara "Jacka" Iacopetti, Danni's rugby team's captain, a post doc fellow at the Technion, and a very fresh mother. So Fresh that during the recording she was still pregnant! In this episode Sara talks with Danni about her journey that began with BS and MS in Milano and ended up in doing a PhD in Materials for Electronics in the Technion in Israel. Sara talks about doing an industry funded PhD which actually means that her research was confidential and she is unable to share her actual work was about.


She talks about the pros and cons of doing an industry funded PhD as well as the challenges of looking for the next position while being pregnant. Jacka and Danni also talk about the importance of sports while doing a PhD, and the advantages of Rugby in that sense.


In this episode Danni drank her Italian Amaretto and Sara drank Israeli water.


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Enjoy the episode!