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Episode 45 - The Traveling Researcher
(with Sandra Wellner)
Episode notes:

Meet Sandra Wellner, a PhD candidate from the University of Copenhagen and a fellow at the EU funded INNOTARGETS project. In this episode Sandra and Danni talk about the value of traveling abroad for school, as Sandra managed to travel to no less than seven countries during her academic journey. Sandra also talk about the cultural and professional differences between the labs in different countries when referring to her research on antimicrobial resistance.


In this episode Danni drank a special holidays edition of her Amaretto and Sandra drank Chai latte in a special biology cup.



INNOTARGETS is an EU funded project which includes 12 international PhD students from 11 countries who are all trying to solve the antimicrobial resistance crisis. For more information about the program see

INNOTARGETS twitter account: @Innotargets2020

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Enjoy the episode!