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Episode 46 -  The Finnish Forecaster
(with Ilona Láng-Ritter)
Episode notes:

Meet Ilona Láng-Ritter, a meteorologist, storm researcher and expert in international projects at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), and a PhD candidate in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki. In this episode, Ilona shares her academic journey that went from leaving her position as a TV meteorologist, to become a researcher at the FMI and doing a PhD. Her research focuses on the impact of non-tropical storms on electricity in Finland. Ilona also talks about her many business trips to different countries and what it was like to be the only woman at the table of experts, and how that influenced her decision to do her PhD.


In this episode Danni drank her regular Amaretto and Ilona drank the super-quality and healthy Finnish tap water.


You can follow Ilona on her:

Twitter: @lang_ilona

LinkedIn: Ilona Lang-Ritter

Ilona's Profile on FMI

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