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Episode 47 - At the right place at the right time
(with Pavle Kilibarda)
Episode notes:

Meet Pavle Kilibarda - a PhD candidate (perhaps already a Dr. by the time you're listening to the episode) in International Law at the University of Geneva. In this episode, Pavle talks very openly about his academic and personal journey. Including his decision to start a BA in International Relations, as he didn't want to study law - and how he ended up doing an LL.M in International Law at the Geneva Academy for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Eventually, he even continued with a PhD in Public International Law about the recognition of states. Pavle talks extensively about his PhD research and why he chose this topic. 


Pavle also talks about his journey that started in Belgrade and moved back and forth between Geneva and Belgrade, until he decided to settle in Geneva. He touches upon the financial struggles that he and his partner endured - living in one of the most expensive cities in the world while have a very small income of a

Teaching Assistant.


During the episode Danni drank her Amaretto and Pavle drank a traditional Serbian drink - Gorki list


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