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Episode 48 - About memes and hate speech
(with Ursula Schmid)
Episode notes:

Meet Ursula Schmid, a PhD candidate in media and communication at the LMU university in Munich, Germany. In this episode Ursula talks with Danni about her journey that started with a BA in Communication Science with Sociology, and MA in Communication Science at the Institute for Communication Science and Media Research at LMU Munich from 2016 to 2018. After graduating, she initially worked as a market researcher with a research focus on media and advertising effects, only to figure out that she prefers academia over industry and return to LMU to do her PhD.


Ursula shares about the circumstances that led her to understand that she wasn't happy and decided to quit her industry position, take a few months off, and start a PhD. She also explains about her research on the human response to online hate speech as it (hate speech) appears in humorous memes. Her research is conducted as part of a larger project on the application of AI for the early detection of criminal offences. In this episode Danni drank an unusual tea and Ursula drank a local Munich beer.


Ursula participated in the Hate-Speech - interdisciplinary approaches workshop of the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions. You can watch her presentation on the Minerva Center's YouTube channel.


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LMU page

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