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Episode 50 - Inside the mind of a top tier journal editor
(with Prof. Felicia Moore Mensah)
Episode notes:

How important is a catchy title? How about a strong opening sentence or a good abstract? Is a journal's ranking that important? What about tips for better writing and getting over writer's block?


In this special episode 50 of our podcast, Danni chats with Prof. Felicia Moore Mensah from Teachers College at Colombia University. Felicia is a co-editor of a top-tier peer review "Journal of Research in Science Teaching", and the author of the book "Like Words Falling onto the Page" (available as eBook Kindle & Paperback on Amazon). Felicia shares with her tips and advice about better academic writing, and answers many questions from the point of view of both an editor and a supervisor. In this episode Danni drank her amaretto and Felicia drank tea.


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