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Episode 51 - Academic Mental Health
(with Helen Nicholls)
Episode notes:

Meet Helen Nicholls, a 2nd year PhD candidate at UCL, UK. In this episode Helen chats with Danni about her journey that started with the dream to become a clinical phycologist, and ends (for now) with a PhD at the Division of Psychiatry. Helen shares about her concerns and challenges that have led her to change her course of professional development several time until she has managed to find her true passion of research.


In the episode Helen talks about her research on the mental health and wellbeing of researchers in academic institutions. One of the main aspects she relates to, and comes up often in her interviews, is the lack of job security, and its impact on the wellbeing of early career researchers - their lack of ability to make long-term plans such as planning a family or getting a mortgage to buy a house.


In this episode Danni drank coffee and Helen drank English breakfast tea.


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