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Episode 52 - The Beauty of the Beast
(With Hollie McDonnell)
Episode notes:

Hollie McDonnell researches the fairytale of "The Beauty and the Beast" from a feminist perspective. She focuses on the notions of "beauty" and "happily ever after" in several different adaptations of the fairytale, including 2 Disney movies, South-Korean and Japanese dramas, and an erotic story. In this episode she talks about her research as well as about her academic journey that has been done completely at one place: Mary Immaculate College in Ireland.


Hollie and Danni chat about the importance of doing things at your own time and pace, and not rush into any dictated requirement of "achieving a PhD before 30". Hollie also explains about her interest of the different adaptations to "The Beauty and the Beast", and how each adaptation looks at the story from a local perspective.


In this episode Danni drank her Amaretto and Hollie drank tea in an Irish Guinness mug.


Thesis title: Betraying the Beholder: The Beauty, the Beast, and the Deconstruction



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