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Episode 53 - Why I withdrew from my PhD program
(with Kamryn Gooden)
Episode notes:

"I submitted my official withdrawal from my PhD program today." This is how Kamryn Gooden announced on her twitter account 4 months ago about her decision to leave her PhD program after one year. Her viral post was the inspiration for this episode on the untold story of those who have left their PhD unfinished, and decided to withdraw from it.


In this episode, Danni chats with Kamryn about her academic journey from undergrad in San-Diego, starting a PhD in political theory in Boston, her decision to withdraw, and her life after... Kamryn talks about the struggle of starting a PhD in a new place (moving from California to Boston), without the ability to makes new friends due to Covid-19, her struggles with her high expectations from herself vs. the stress and discomfort she was feeling at the time.


In this very interesting episode, Danni drank her amaretto, and Kamryn drank peppermint tea in a "Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf" mug.


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