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Episode 54 - Breaking a New Academic Ground
(with Netta Schramm)
Episode notes:

Netta Schramm is doing her PhD on a unique topic - her research employs performance theory and narratology to read audio-visual archival materials of modern and contemporary Jewish thinkers, and specifically Irving (Yitz) Greenberg, Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Ovadia Yosef. Netta is an advanced PhD candidate focused on modern Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Netta conducted her doctoral research as a Minvera Fellow at Ludwig Maximillians Universität in Munich. She is the founder and current head of an interdisciplinary research group at the Hebrew University titled "I'm Not a Text".


In this episode Netta chats with Danni about the pros and cons of being an interdisciplinary researcher who combines a few fields of research. She also shares with Danni about the challenges of being an early career researcher who moves from country to country alongside her career and the parallel academic career of her husband together with their young children.


In this episode Danni drank her amaretto and Netta drank a small Italian cappuccino.



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