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Episode 55 - About Ukraine and Russia
(with Jaroslava Barbieri)
Episode notes:

Jaroslava (Jara) Barbieri has researched the "De-sovereignisation as an instrument of Russia’s coercive diplomacy in the context of post-Soviet de facto states" before the current Russian aggression against Ukraine. Has the current conflict affected her research? Can she separate her Ukrainian advocacy and activities against fake news from her academic research?


In this episode Danni chats we Jara, a PhD candidate at University of Birmingham's School of Government, about her academic journey, which includes doing three (3) Masters. Jara talks about her identity development as an Italian from Ukrainian origin and how she discovered her active Ukrainian identity, and how her decision to study in the UK was based on "Braveheart". Jara also chats about her practitioner side, working as a researcher in different think tanks such as the Zinc Network and Arena Programme at Johns Hopkins University.


In this episode Danni drank her Italian Amaretto and Jara drank an Italian wine in a handmade Ukrainian mug.


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