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Episode 56 - Philosophy of Sex and Kant
(with Eli Banjamin Israel)
Episode notes:

What does a Kantian philosopher have to do with kinky sex and dominatrix fantasies? Eli Benjamin Israel, a PhD candidate at Temple University in Philadelphia takes a deeper look at the concept of autonomy in the context of the kink community, and especially with regard to rape fantasy role-play. In this episode he explains the philosophical outlook of such interaction.


Eli chats with Danni about why and how he got into philosophy, when he actually enrolled for a business degree for his undergraduate studies. He also talks about his decision to move with his wife and two kids to the United States for his advanced studies, and how he has used his entrepreneur's mindset to establish the "Philosophy 360" project.


In this episode Danni drank her Amaretto and Eli drank his new favorite rye whisky.


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