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Episode 57 - Women in Iyengar Yoga 
(with Dr. Agi Wittich)
Episode notes:

Dr. Agi Wittich got introduced to Yoga in her early teen years and never looked back. After traveling to India in her early 20s she decided to study Yoga within Academia and did her BA, MA and PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her groundbreaking research resulted in a number of prizes and scholarships for her work.


In this episode Agi talks about her own interesting journey, about the connection of women and yoga in general and in Iyengar yoga in particular, including the adjustments that the Iyengar tradition has been going through for that purpose. Agi explains about the Thirumanthiram text of the Yogi Thirumular, and about her PhD research on the complexities of Women-Oriented contemporary yoga practices in the global Iyengar tradition.


In this episode Danni drank her Amaretto and Agi drank Chai Tea.

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